Thursday, July 20, 2017


I'm very happy to announce I will be attending the RAWday event in Santa Cruz, CA this Sunday! (7/23)

And in addition to my usual bag of tricks, I will be bringing along fresh copies of my brand new comic book: RAW ART!

Monday, July 03, 2017

RAW Day At The Santa Cruz Museum of History 2017.

Helloooo you there - over that pond!

Daisy Campbell, Director of Cosmic Trigger Play, is making a pilgrimage to Santa Cruz for July 23rd.

If you are anywhere near, or know anyone who is, do come and connect - for the vitally needed Robert Anton Wilson revival!

Details HERE.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Now Available! PSYCHONAUT COMIX #1
$1.00 • 30 Pages • Digital Download (PDF) • By Bobby Campbell

Take a candy-colored head trip through koan-fusing adaptations of psychedelic memes, both ancient & modern, in this magically curated comix collection!

Come explore the outer reaches of inner space! #FINDTHEOTHERS :)))

Buy now from the Weirdoverse Comix Shop!
(The free comic code is still active!)
• Free Web Version (Coming Soon)
• Also available on Comixology! (Coming Soon)
And via Patreon subscription!

Friday, May 19, 2017


"Borders are a basic mammalian territorial imperative. All mammals want a territory, and they claim it by making excretions that make a topological outline, that’s the territory they claim. That’s why your dog pees on every tree when you take him for a walk. That’s the way the dog is marking his territory. Chimpanzees mark their territories with excretions too. The difference between human beings (or domesticated primates) and the other mammals is we mark our territories with ink excretions on paper—land titles, peace treaties, and so on. Every national border in the world marks a place where two gangs of domesticated primates fought until they were exhausted, and then made a territorial mark. That’s how national borders are created. We don’t throw excretions at each other like the chimpanzees, we throw chemicals and bombs and so on, but it’s basically the same mammalian process. The only intelligent way to discuss politics is on all fours." RAW

With thanks to an Article in Dangerous Minds.

In 1989 an hour-long movie called Borders about Robert Anton Wilson, author of The Illumnatus! Trilogy and the Cosmic Trigger series, was produced for public TV (WGBH Boston was one of the production companies behind it). The movie, directed by Merrill Aldighieri and Joe Tripician, is a blend of dramatic and documentary elements that also occasionally includes charmingly rudimentary computer graphics.


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